Technology has touched every aspect of our lives, now it’s time that it keeps our loved ones safe. We will continue evolving and creating technology because saving lives is paramount in the communities we serve.

We were tired of all the inaction.

At SafeWave, we chose
TO make a difference!

For the last few years we have been driven with one simple goal in mind: create a technology that actually makes a difference to humanity. We cannot stop school shootings from happening just yet, but we can make sure that people are better prepared, notified faster, and have the ability to react more safely than ever before.

We are setting the standard higher with our patented technology that alerts people 90% faster than our competitors. Additionally, we are 100% more reliable using all messaging transmission options – sound wave, internet, WiFi, SMS. We are the only safety alert company on the market that sends emergency protocols to key personnel without internet and do it within seconds, not minutes!

OUR TECHNOLOGY is always evolving. We use machine learning and
artificial intelligence to keep modifying and enhancing our algorithms,
making our alerts faster, superior, and able to transfer more data.
Saving one life is worth the change.